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Episode 41 | Tony Rynders: Master of Oregon Pinot Noir

Tony Rynders

Winemaker, Panther Creek Cellars

Panther Creek Cellar’s winemaker Tony Rynders has had a fascinating journey as a vintner, one that’s taken him from the Pacific Northwest to California and back again. Along this path, he’s garnered one of the more stellar reputations in the industry for creating award-winning Pinot Noir and unique white blends highly prized by fans of wines from Oregon state’s terroir. Dave & Sandi will discuss wineries with a presence in both Washington and Oregon, and reveal some of the wineries with cross state boundaries between Washington and Oregon, highlighting how our shared AVA’s (American Viticulture Area) inspire collaboration. Plus, they discuss their tasting notes of Panther Creek Cellars’ three single-vineyard Pinot Noirs and the Winemaker’s Cuveé.

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