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Episode 3 | Kevin Correll’s Garagiste style showcases single varietal elegance

Kevin Correll, Barrage Cellars

On this episode, we interview the Double Gold award winning Cab Franc magician, Kevin Correll of Barrage Cellars about his focused, Garagiste style of winemaking. His ready-to-drink wines are focused on soil composition and 100% varietals. We also ask Kevin about two peculiar label designs—a Riesling with a lone exclamation point and a Cab Franc called Cease and Desist.

Cabernet Franc obsession

One of our wine obsessions, Cabernet Franc, needs to be on your radar. We gathered a group of official tasters, OK, our wine loving friends, and they gave us feedback on ten Washington Francs. The results are revealed, as well as some entertaining tasting notes.

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Wines we loved

Barrage Cellars  |  2012 Cease and Desist Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Deep purple, long legs, spicy earthy, leather, tobacco, smoky, bold, long finish” “This is super well balanced and still has plenty of lively tannin and bright acid showing, it will develop for some time, Looooong finish”, “Bitter and chewy finish, pepperty front, I’d have this with an Americano on the side” One person said it “Smelled of roses, and tasted like Valentines Day”


Covington Cellars  |  2013 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Your non-judgemental friend, just loves you unconditionally,” “I like the mouth-feel and the sexy brick red/vampire blood color,” “Different, refined, hints of the barnyard,” “Medium clarity, tart, delightful acid, grapefruit notes, strawberry, light finish,” “Dry but smooth, some peppery nature at the middle sides of tongue, and good with chocolate,” “Would be ideal with a red-sauce pasta,” but it “may need to lay down for a bit for full potential, I like it more every time I go back. #chameleon”


Tranche Cellars  |  2012 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Light, refined, and understated in a good way with balanced Tannins,” “Long finish, very good,” “Earthy, peaty, smoky, tangy … but smooth, and … TANGY!” “Large, grass-forward nose. Very full bodied, to the point of being occasionally overwhelming,” “This is nearing the sweet spot, well balanced and well integrated, not fancy … just good,” “Good with food like a hunk of cow.”


Bartholomew Winery  |  2014 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: ”Sneak attack cat,” “It’s like Johnny Depp: You think it will be nothing then it surprises you in a most pleasant way,” “It’s Gooot,” “Up front, aggressive tannis. Red fruit on top followed by subtle dark fruit,” “Slightly earthy. Full, balanced, excellent with Chocolate.”


Barrister Winery  |  2014 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Smells yummy! Candied rose petals, I judge thee delicioso!,” “Would work with a salmon dish, cheesecake or chocolate,” “Complex blend, peppery, black currant and toasted wood,” ”Reddish/garnet in color, brambly, earthy, expressive nose, solid tannins, strong finish but needs more time,” “Smooth after second sip,” “Perfumed with violet floral notes, tart cherry candy moves up in this one, very fine, but aggressive tannin for me.” 


Stevens Winery  |  2012 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Stevens does no wrong in my world. This is a great example of a well crafted Washington Cab Franc with a lingering finish, ripe red berries, balance is dead on,” “Fig and sweetgrass,” “Jammy, leather, cassis, blackberry,” “Good, easy drinker, good by itself.”


Cloudlift Cellars  |  2014 Accent Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Smells like a typical Cab Franc on the nose. Velvety mouthfeel with tons of very ripe, very dark fruit. Lengthy finish,” “Purple Reign!,” “Acidic but earthy, fruity smell, needs a steak (preferably rare),” “Solid tannins, well balanced, dark fruit, needs more time.”

Owen Rowe  |  2014 Rosa Mystica Cabernet Franc
“Seems to be nicely integrated with plenty of red fruit, almost detecting a butter note from MLF (malolactic fermentation),” “Rosa Mystica! I could go on about the name—the mystery!,” “Expressive, pleasant nose, red fruit, strawberry, round, smooth tannins, well balanced, moderate finish.”


Savage Grace  |  2015 Copeland Vineyard Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Subtle nose, red cherries, minor spice, needs time to be cohesive,” “Light, smooth, easy to drink,” “Doesn’t taste like a typical Cab Franc, light ruby color, acidic” “Reminiscent of Pinot, slightly tart, mild finish, cherry Jello,” “Plum, thyme, slate, ash, tangy, juicy.”


Tamarack Cellars  |  2015 Cabernet Franc
Guest notes: “Acidic and bright tannins,” “Red fruit, currants, “Hey! I saw this one in my grocery store!”

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