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About Us

Meet your hosts

Life partners, creative professionals and show hosts, we have a passion for wine adventure, especially in our home state of Washington. We live among an expanding boutique wine industry with close to 1000 wineries that produce some of the best wines in the world. It’s a tough job to try them all, but we are willing to do the grueling work.
We are not sommeliers, but we may be a lot like you—we appreciate quality wine and want to learn as much as we can … within reason.

Dave is in the UX biz for a gigantic Borg machine, former basement beer brewer, old-timey impressionist and enjoys hearing the sound of his own voice.

Sandi herds artistic cats in the game industry and a true side hustler—artist, professional coach and podcast host. Her favorite toy as a child was a tape recorder.

Let’s decant this.


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