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Episode 43 | The Louis M. Martini legacy and where Cabernet Sauvignon is king

Michael Eddy and Brenae Royal of Louis M. Martini Winery

Michael Eddy & Brenae Royal

Winemaker & Monte Rosso Vineyard Manager, Louis M. Martini

Winemaker Michael Eddy and Vineyard Manager Brenae Royal from California’s revered Louis M. Martini winery are preserving the legacy of one of California’s most esteemed wineries. Learn how Michael became only the fourth Director of Winemaking in the history of Louis M. Martini, and how Brenae became vineyard manager in record time at one of the oldest and most desirable Napa valley growing sites, the famed Monte Rosso Vineyard.

Explore and visit  Louis M. Martini

Wine storage tips & our Washington Cabernet Sauvignon picks

We examine the aging, maturation, and drinking of Cabernet Sauvignon. When exactly is the right time to open those big, bold reds? Plus, we’ll list some of our favorite Cabs from Washington state.

Photographs courtesy of Louis M. Martini
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