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Episode 18 | For the Love of Port

Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port

Roy Hersh

Founder—For the Love of Port  |  Port and Madiera Brotherhood 

Roy Hersh is a professional wine judge, writer and educator who generously shares his knowledge and passion for Port and Madeira. Yearly, he conducts unparalleled tours to Portugal where guests spend time with winemakers, taste exceptional Port, stroll through vineyards stomp on grapes and dine at first-rate restaurants.

On this episode, Roy Hersh recounts when his love of Port began and describes the kinds of memorable experiences his tour groups typically encounter. He also opens up about being the only person outside of the Portuguese wine industry who has been inducted into both the Port and Madeira Brotherhoods.

Learn more about Port wine at, For the Love of Port: Collective Port Wisdom

For the Love of Port

Port Harvest Tour 1, 2018

Our whirlwind tour took us through Porto, Gaia and the heart of the Douro Valley wine country. It’s an “eduvacation” that we highly recommend to anyone serious about learning about Port and table wine. Where else can you taste a Port from 1827 from the family home of multi-generation winemakers? Where else can you walk through one of the top 10 vineyards in the world or tread on grapes in the traditional way?

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We learned a stunning amount of information in 10 days and we are excited to share it. We break down the different types of Port so you can feel more confident when choosing a bottle to open with friends or age in the cellar. Port 101 is in session!

*See below for the Ports we liked, that are readily available in the U.S.

Recommended Ports


10, 20, 30 and 40-year ports readily available in the U.S., all are good so choose the one that best serves your price range. If you’re feeling a little spendy, the 2000 vintage classic blend is excellent.

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Quinta do Noval

10 and 20-year tawny, Noval Black, the 2012 LBV, and the powerhouse 2015 Quinta Vintage Port.

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10 and 20-year tawny, the 2000 vintage port, the 2008 vintage port even though it is still pretty young and features gripping tannins, and the best of the best: the 1985 vintage port.

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There is a wide range of tawny, vintage and colheita port to explore here.

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