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Episode 20 | John Bigelow celebrates the past​, present ​and future of JM Cellars

John Bigelow, winemaker for JM Cellars, Woodinville, WAJohn Bigelow, JM Cellars

In this one-year anniversary episode, winemaker, John Bigelow shares his transition from tech to wine and tells us about a day in the barrel room that ended in a medical emergency. He also reveals the collaboration and details of JM Cellars new tasting room and production facility, coming soon to Maltby, Washington.

We describe our experience at JM Cellars in Woodinville, WA on our first episode. The tasting room was voted The Best Tasting Room by Seattle Magazine in 2017—it is a beautiful converted 2-story home, hung with strings of lights, with multiple tasting rooms, a fire pit, wine barrel chairs and tables, and a cavernous members-only area gated by large doors wrapped in hammered metal sheets. The collective effect is an artistic and appealing feast for the eyes. The grounds and outdoor tasting area are dog-friendly so it’s OK to bring your Châteauneuf-du-PUP.

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Decanted discusses Decanting

We deliver the whats, hows, and whys of decanting wine. Decanting has the power to make great and/or expensive red wine more refined or an adequate wine more enjoyable. Sometimes those cheap-o bottles can come down with a case of sulfur dioxide, so aerating can be the cure.

We’ve heard the “decanting” practice of uncorking a bottle and letting it sit out on the counter while cooking, believing that will do the trick. Ok, we’ve done it too. However, it is difficult for oxygen to reach the wine inside and will have minimal effect. Listen to more tips and about the wine aeration devices we use.

Wine decanting devices we love

Menu Wine Breather Carafe

This device includes a built-in, removable aerator at the top of the neck. Simply turn the empty carafe upside down, connect it to the bottle and flip everything over to watch the aerated wine gurgle down into the carafe. And you can flip it back over and put it BACK into the bottle…which we do at our wine parties when we want to serve from the bottle.

Le Chateau Decanter

This is a lovely, traditional, wide-bottomed decanter that is constructed of 100% hand-blown lead-free crystal. The wide diameter allows the maximum amount of aeration and it’ll look sexy while doing it.

Rabbit Wine Shower-Funnel with Strainer

Rest it on a decanter opening and pour—it strains and gives quick aeration.

Host Adjustable Aerator

Adjust the dial to represent the equivalent of 0-6 hours of decanting. We haven’t done a side by side comparison on those dial settings but before we used a traditional decanter it was the fastest way to aerate. Simply place it over your glass, pour through it and via la!

Riedel Amadeo Decanters (several varieties)

These feature a handblown, artistic “swan” type shape with dual spouts—one for pouring wine into the vessel and a skinnier spout for pouring into your glass. Be prepared for the price tag.

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